Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dorr's Oldfarm Estate - Volunteer Cleanup

In an earlier post to this blog, entitled "George Bucknam Dorr - the Father of Acadia National Park" (4 May 2012), I mentioned his estate had been neglected for many years; but in December 2011 Acadia National Park let experienced Friends of Acadia (FOA) volunteers, under Park supervision, initiate a cleanup of Dorr's Oldfarm homesite. On October 11, 2012, nearly a year later, the Park again allowed a second supervised FOA volunteer effort to continue the cleanup of the Dorr homesite. FOA sponsors the Park's volunteers.

From 1942 map: Acadia National Park and Vicinity
On this occasion, volunteers filled in four potentially dangerous holes around the foundation with blown ledge and finely crushed aggregate, which was tamped down to a smooth and durable surface.  Other volunteers pruned low tree branches that were overhanging the homesite and nearby roads and paths. Still others carried away fallen or previously cut tree trunks and branches in an effort to make the site more accessible and visible.


Much more work is needed to make the 60-acre estate the showcase many Mount Desert Islanders and Park visitors feel it warrants. The volunteers hope the Park will respond to this essential project accordingly and schedule more work parties.

If you are interested in volunteering at Oldfarm or on the many other projects the Park hosts between June and November, contact Friends of Acadia at 207-288-3340 or the Acadia National Park volunteer coordinator at 207-288-8716. You will find these projects are fun, physical and social and a great way to help keep Acadia National Park the magnificent place that it is.